Total Power

This program is for those players who want to focus on power. In this program we focus on all scientific aspects of how to create POWER.

  • First we will perform a full TPI physical screen. This is to identify any physical limitations a player may have affecting their ability to create power
  • Measure and record current swing power.
  • Full K-Vest 6DOF 3D motion analysis of Kinematic Sequence highlighting the key components of power.
  • Identify key ground reaction forces using Boditrak Tour Pressure Mapping Mat
  • Kinematic Sequencing is a scientifically measured method of analyzing if a player is generating their top speed.

In powerful swing there are key Fundamentals to power these include

  • Set-up, Posture and Grip – Without a good strong base maximum speed cannot be achieved
  • Loading and developing leavers in the back swing creates potential power
  • Most powerful golfer create maximum stretch on the downswing, this can be referred to as downswing loading.
  • Finally the correct Acceleration and Deceleration of the body segments are require for optimum club head speed to be achieved.
  • Many players have heard that the hip drive and lead the downswing, but what is often misunderstood, it’s actually the player’s ability to decelerate the body parts in the correct sequence that dictates how power and club head speed that can be created.

In Total Power we focus our attention to measuring and developing these scientifically proven fundamentals of power.

Program Consist of

  • 1.5 Hour Initial Assessment
  • 6 x 45 Min 
  • 1 x 1 hour final lesson

Program Cost is $630 + HST