The Facility

Power Golf Performance Centre is a 1500sq foot Indoor STATE OF THE ART golf training facility. It consists of 2 very spacious state of the art Golf Simulators. We have the highest grade turf that is designed to feel and react as close to grass as possible and even allows you to insert the tee straight in. The first bay is our state of the art teaching bay which has the latest, most advanced integrated teaching systems available. This includes high speed cameras, 6DOF 3D motion capture, pressure mapping force platforms and integrated teaching software. The second bay is our advanced bio feedback practice bay. It offers real time ball flight simulation and bio feedback systems that allow the players to practice with greater efficiency reaching their performance goals faster. Would you not prefer in our harsh Canadian climate to practice in a comfortable controlled environment, on a perfect surface, with full ball flight feedback and real balls?

Here is a brief description of our technology.

  • K-Vest 6 Degrees of Freedom 3D analysis, the most advanced to date, allowing golf swing measurements that cannot be seen by the naked eye or even on slow motion high speed 2D cameras.
  • Boditak– This allowed us to measure a player’s dynamic balance and centre of pressure trace. COP trace mapping is becoming increasingly more popular in recent months.
  • Point Grey High Speed Video Cameras – These cameras allow us to capture the swing in high definition slow motion, allowing us to offer the highest level in visual feedback.         
  • GASP LAB 4 Integrated Teaching Software – This software allows us to collect all the date above and store it in one simple to understand screen. 

Why choose Indoor vs Outdoor Coaching or Club Fitting.

We do get some players who think we will see their game better outside on a range. Here are a few ideas we think you should consider.

  1. We use Tour Level golf balls – Outdoor ranges use low quality cheap balls. If you want very accurate data on your shots then the ball type is extremely important. After all Jack Nicklaus quoted “the ball is the biggest leap in technology”. The best launch monitor data is only as good as the ball. It’s unlikely an outdoor range can offer this.
  2. Hitting outdoors may give you the actual ball flight but that is subject to wind direction, lie and how good the balls are. Indoor we have a controlled environment and we can add far more quantitative data to your performance analysis. Club head measurements, ball flight measurements, 3D swing analysis and we can store them easily
  3. Part of learning is having excellent and correct feedback.  Every individual has their own preferred learning styles such as visual or kinesthetic. In our teaching bays we have greater options available, for example TV screens in front of you so that you can watch your own swing live, auditory bio feedback so that you can hear when you are in the correct position. The technology we have simplifies the learning process.
  4. After we get your game and ball striking to where you want it, we can always conduct outdoor and on course sessions where necessary. We just know after you experience our facility that you will truly understand your game and what you need to do to improve. That is why we offer you the 20 min free evaluation. 

The Technology

For more detailed information on the technologies we use click the links below