The Practice Bay

Practice makes perfect right? or more correctly perfect practice make perfect.

At Power Golf Performance we know the importance of practice. What is perfect practice? Do you practice effectively? There are many forms of practice, for example, block and random practice, game play practice or pressurized practice. What practice type should you be performing? In our performance based programs we cover the various types of practice, where and more importantly the correct time of year for each type of practice.

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At PGPC we have practice memberships so that our students or non students can practice and hone their skills. Our practice bays are designed to enhance the bio-feedback options available compared to traditional range or dome practice.

  • Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor – This allows players to instantly see their entire ball flight as if standing on the range even in the dead of winter. In a comfortable controlled environment.
  • The use of Tour Level Prov V1 balls for the most realistic feel and feedback.
  • The Latest True Turf Hitting Mat – This gives the best level of club ground reaction available, It feels as close as possible to actual grass and real tees can be inserted into the mat
  • Sliding adjustable mirror system – The sliding adjustable mirror system allows the player to see their own swing while performing an exercise. Using this visual feedback system allows players to connect visual feedback to the kinesthetic (feel) motions they are trying to create.
  • When practice time is available in the lesson bay the use of video based practice is also available.

In sum, we feel our practice bays offer our members and students the most efficient practice area available all year round. We are not saying it’s better than practicing outdoor but the level of feedback available makes it at the very least equal, however it can be utilized not only in the summer but especially in the harsh winters that we can experience in Canada. It is time to finally make some productive use of the off season.

Practice Bay Pricing Below!

Practice Bay Memberships

At PGPC we are expanding our practice bay hours for the winter so that we have more practice session available.  

Below are the options available for individual, blocks and practice memberships

  • 30 Min session 
  • 1 session cost $20 + HST
  • 5 Session pack $90 + HST
  • 10 Session Pack $175 + HST
  • 60 Min session 
  • 1 session cost is $30 + HST
  • 5 session pack $140 + HST
  • 10 session pack $ 250 + HST
  • Basic Membership – Allows students to book 2 session per week in advance in the practice bay plus 1 other session to be book on day of practice and subject to availability – the cost of this membership is $100 +HST per month. 
  • Ultimate Membership – Allows student to book up to 1 session per day up to 14 days in advance. Cost for membership is $200 +HST per month
  • VIP Membership – Allows same access as the basic membership but also includes the access to the teaching bays outside academy teaching hours. This will be 7-10 pm Monday to Friday, Sat 4-8pm and Sunday 10am -5pm,. Player can book 2 session per week in the normal practice bay and up to 1 per week in the Teaching Bay. Player has access to video based practice and use of the Boditrak force plate during practice. Cost is $150 +HST
  • Ultimate VIP Membership – Allows same privileged as VIP Membership but player can book 1 session per day in either bay up to 14 days in advance. Cost is $250 + HST

All membership are limited in numbers and are on a first come first serve basis.