Get Golf Ready

Are you looking to start learning how to play this great game or recently just started. Golf is a great venue for business networking, family fun or to just get away and relax from life’s stresses. In GET GOLF READY we will do just this by assessing your individual needs and goals. See what you will learn below. 

Get Golf Ready 1 – 

  • Player interview and goal setting.
  • The full swing setup fundamentals Grips, Stance, Aim and Posture.
  • Identify and building the key swing fundamentals in the back swing and down swing.
  • Developing power and control
  • Using different clubs.
  • Understanding course etiquette and basic rules 
  • Assess your current equipment and/or advise on required equipment (own equipment not required to start learning).

Get Golf Ready 2  –

  • Full Golf ready 1 course syllabus plus
  • Short game basics – Chipping, Pitching and Bunkers
  • Indoor course management session

These packages will get you feeling comfortable about playing golf and will be a great base to build whatever level of golfer you aim to be.


Golf Ready 1 – $380 +HST – 4 Hours

Golf Ready 2  – $ 560+HST – 6 Hours