Kris McGowan

Advanced PGA Professional

Who is Kris McGowan? Why is he qualified to take your game to the next level?

Kris was born in the outskirts of St Andrews, in Scotland the Home of Golf.  As a young boy he loved to play hockey, unusual for a Scotsman. However, it was a fateful accident and his passion for hockey that would eventually lead him to Canada the “Home of Hockey” where he has formed the first Power Golf Performance Centre in Kitchener/Waterloo.

As a young amatuer Kris showed strong prowess as a player, before the age of 16 he had achieved a national handicap of 0 (scratch) and by the time he had finished his amatuer career was +3.4 (plus 3)

Amatuer Highlights include :

  • Multiple victories on the Faldo Series Tour – Loch Lomond, Royal Dornoch and Blairgowrie Landsdown
  • Faldo Series Order of Merit Win
  • Won Fife mens Provinitial Championship at Crail GC
  • Won Fife Youths and Junior Provintial Championships at Pitffirane GC
  • Finished top 5 in the Champion of Champions tournament at Leven GC
  • Quarter Finals in the Scottish Amatuer at Gulane GC

After turning professional age 18, Kris had a reasonably successful playing record, but it was during his time playing on the various tours accross the UK and Europe that he realised his true passion was coaching. Kris says “even when I was playing in the event, I could be found helping some of my fellow competitors with their games. I was obsessed with studying the game, the swing, the psychological aspect. This game is an inigma”

See some of Kris’s professional highlights :

  • Played and made the cut in 2 Consecutive Scottish PGA Chapinonships. Hosted at the PGA Course, Gleneagles Scotland, the venue for the 2014 Ryder Cup
  • Multiple Tartan Tour Victories
  • Course Record – Thornton GC in Fife Scotland 61

Although Kris was an accomplished player, he credits the next step in his golfing career as the most critical in leading him to become a highly sought after coach. After playing Kris joined the PGA in Britain. The PGA in Britain is the founding PGA and is acknowledged as the world wide leader in PGA professional education , in conjunction with Birmingham University all PGA golf professionals must complete the full degree program. 

Kris excelled in his education, during his degree he won the Professional Of The Year award in 3 consecutive years, for achieving the highest grades in the entire country. This culminated in Kris receiving from the PGA, the Thom Stewart award for Excellence. An award that is not given out lightly. Kris has studied Bio mechanics, Physiology, and Psychology in developing his coaching styles and techniques. As well had his degree Kris continues to educate himself every year to advance and develop him self​

The Following certifications are just some of his continued achievements

  • K-Vest 6DOF 3D Bio Mechanics certified Level 1,2 ad 3
  • Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) certified Level 1,2
  • PGA Certificate in Sport Psychology Coaching

Kris says” I have been teaching for over 10 years now, and I continually educate myself on the latest scientific developments so that I may deliver the best service to my students, and the most effective.  My education has allowed me to better understand the individual, be it identifying a physical limitation, the students preferred learning style or how to properly diagnose the true faults in their swing thus allowing us to create a true development path to their goals and golfing dreams.  I don’t claim to have the secrets of the game,  I can assure you their is NO secrets. Being successful at anything takes some effort, but I do know that what I offer the player the is a completely honest, scientific and factually based assessment so that their effort is focused in the correct direction”

Kris has now achieved the designation of Advanced PGA golf professional and continues to try to learn more to help further the development of his students. We are sure when you meet Kris you will feel like he has a personal interest in your game.

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