Performance Packages

These are our most popular packages at PGPC we give the highest level of service and only take on a LIMITED number of students! Early booking is advised. 

Let’s take your game to the next level. Look forward to years of more successful and fun filled golf, longer drives, more greens in regulation and lower scores. In the performance packages we unlock and help you to understand your game. We develop you as a golfer, not build you in to some same swing fits all method. What you can expect from your program;

  • Interview and full base test – During the interview we discuss your Goals and Dreams. We will identify how much time and resources you have to practice and devote to your game. 
  • Full initial ball flight and club diagnostic is compiled and stored using Foresight GC2 and HMT. This is the only aspect of golf that is absolute, the club at impact and subsequent ball flight. This is a true measure of your golf game.
  • In-depth motion measurement of your swing and your kinematic sequencing using K-vest 6 DOF 3D motion capture system. 3D analysis is a very strong indicator of consistency and can identify areas in your swing that simply put cannot be seen with video.
  • Centre of Pressure mapping using Boditrak. This measures your dynamic balance and ground force reactions. Simplified it looks at how you transfer your weight throughout your swing. 
  • Finally we have HD high speed Point Grey video cameras and GASP Lab 4 Studio integrated teaching software. This allows us to capture all our ball, club, swing, and motion analysis data and examine in one simple screen.

After the full analysis is completed we will then set out a detailed game changing development plan. This will include goals setting and predicted time lines to achieve each goal. At every step along the way we will continue to check and analyze to guarantee that you achieve your goals.

On top of this you will receive an online PGPC account where we will create you an online eBook. In this eBook we can store all your lesson and videos in one simple place so that you can review any lesson you have had anytime you need it. 

We love this game of golf and we love most of all seeing how our student have drastically improve. Sadly we need to pay bills too so we can’t do this for free. If we could our students know we would. However the cost of these amazing game improving packages at our tour level facility is more affordable that you probably imagine.

We offer 2 performance programs 6 months and 12 months.

6 Month Break Down

  • Month 1 initial payment of $280 plus HST – This month include the 1.5 hour base test, player interview, game development plan and 1.5 hours of coaching
  • Months 2-6  Monthly Payment of $180 plus HST  – This includes 1.5 hour of coaching per month plus lesson reviews and eBook updated and session goals

12 Month Break Down

  • Month 1 Initial payment $260 plus HST – This includes the 1.5 hour base test, player interview, development planning and 1.5 hours of Instruction.
  • Months 2-12 Monthly payments are 160 plus HST – This includes the 1.5 hour of coaching per month plus lesson reviews and eBook updates and session goals.

Remember We Have LIMITED SPACES available. When limits are reached we have to create waiting lists for our MOST POPULAR PACKAGES