Performance and Development Packages

Get Golf Ready – Beginners and New Golfers 

Have you always wanted to learn to play golf? Maybe join those work outings you’re too scared to attend or have just started and need correct instruction before those bad habits start. This Package will help any beginner or novice player rapidly improve their knowledge and performance and speed up their progression!

Performance Programs – Take Your Game Too The Next Level

Have you searched for the secrets to the perfect swing? How may online instruction sites have you used, all promising they are the ones to have figured out the simple and easy secrets to the golf swing, only to leave you more confused? There is a reason they constantly change, don’t work and email you endlessly. They are marketing secrets, not golf swing secrets. At PGPC we can let you in on a little secret THERE ARE NO SECRETS!!!

Improved performance starts with identifying where you are and where you want to be. The monthly performance programs will drive you toward your golfing goals faster and quicker! We will asses your current performance levels in our unique and factual base test, this includes an evaluation of your physical, technical and metal golf performance. Next we will develop an individualized player progress plan highlighting your strengths and areas to be improved. We don’t stop there, as part of the performance family you gain access to our online E-book system free of charge. This allows you to review all your development sessions and even upload practice sessions of your own.  This allows for the most advance player/coach interaction even when your not in a session. Its like having your coach in your own pocket.

Total Power

This program is for those players who want to focus on power. In this program we focus on all scientific aspects of how to create POWER.

Almost everyone would love more power more club head speed and more distance. In this program we focus on exactly this goal.