Recreational Golfer

Have you been a golfer for years but only play occationally, maybe you want to play more but get a little fustrated with your performance and might play more if you could just see some light at the end of the tunnel? This program is designed for players with very limited practice and play time. We are not telling you we can make you a scratch golfer by 1 hour practice a month but what we will show you in these programs are ways to try and control the ball as quickley as possible.


Senior Golfer

Have you had lesson before and just find it too dificult or hard to change. Do you think its because you can't teach an old dog new tricks. One of the main challenges we see senior golfer face during lessons is a limited range of motion (lower flexability). If you are trying to make a movement that is outside your range of motion then its probably never going to happen. At PGPC we like too sipmple test your range of motion, we will identify what movements you can do and we then decide on a course of action that will suit you better than trying to swing it like Rory or Tiger.


Lady Golfer 

Ladies and men are diferrent physically and mentally. We have different goals and ambitions as well as strengths and weaknesses. 

Junior Beginner Golfer

Golf is a great game for kids to learn. Its renowed as a sport that not only helps to be healthy and strong but teaches kids greart life skills, such as, honesty, patience and perseverance. I hear so many golfer saying I wish I learned when I was young. Thats exactly what we do here, we teach kids the basic fundamentals and start them on the correct path.


Junior Intermediate Golfer

This package is for a more advance junior than beginner. This junior may be starting to play golf on the course or in small competitions and is showing an interest in playing. In this area we look more at developing more sound motor control skills associated with golf. We will start to implement more sound swing mechanic


Elite Competitive Player

Explosive Power

Is distance your main priority? Perhaps you hit lots of fairways and just cant reach the green? In this development process we will look at specifically creating more distance and power! It as simple as that!!! You'll be booming it in no time

Short Game Basics and Master Class

Short game is where score can be made or destroyed. We have all see tour players save their rounds with amazing short games. If you want 5 plus shots of your game then this for certain the quickest way. In short game basics we will cover the basic shots, Chipping, Pitching and Bunkers (Bunkers are in season only)





Putting Basics


Putting to Win

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