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Partnered with Mizuno Golf Canada 

Do you need properly fitted golf clubs?

The short answer is yes, whether you are a beginner or advanced golfer the correctly fitted equipment can make a big difference in developing your skill level. The level of fitting may change based on the skill level of the player. A beginner may only require the correct head, lie angle, club length, weight and a suitable grip, whereas a more experience player will need to progress in to more detailed fitting such as shaft type, swing weight and so on. At Power Golf Performance Centre we have teamed up with Mizuno Golf to offer our customers the highest level of quality. We do not stock any clubs everything we fit for customers is ordered in to spec. You can rest assured we do not sell anything from stock so you are always being fitted for what you need not what we have. If you need more information regarding fitting or are unsure if it is correct for you please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone 519 694 1986 or email

Custom Fitting Options

Beginner Fitting Session - $50

This fitting session will last around 30-45 min. What will be covered is.

  • Club Head Type

  • Shaft Length, weight, type and Flex

  • Lie angle

  • Set Make up

This is a basic fitting for a new golfer. We will discuss budget and perhaps alternatives to new clubs. 

Intermediate Player Fitting Session -


These sessions will cover a more detailed analysis.

  • Asses the current clubs including, Head, Loft and lie, Length, Flex, Weight, Grip Type

  • Asses current ball flight data, Launch, Spin, Carry, Roll and Dispersion and identify weaknesses and possible improvements

  • We will attempt to improve the ball flight and compare to current model. After comparison we can determine if there is sufficient enough improvement

  • Sometime the lower than optimal launch conditions can be caused by inefficient swing mechanics. In this circumstance then your fitter will be able to identify this and explain why neither your current model nor newly fitted models are performing at optimal.

  • We will advise you on the correct steps needed to develop your driving.

 Driver Fitting Session - $75 + hst             Iron Fitting Session - $75 + hst

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